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Class Needs (Updated 02-05-18)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:52 am
by Dae
Very High: druid(dps, offtank), dk(all), shaman(elemental)

High: warrior(all), mage, monk(all), warlock, rogue

Low: shaman(enhance)

Very Low: paladin(prot)

All other specs and classes not mentioned are encouraged to inquire - needs can change very rapidly.

While we may not be actively seeking any other particular roles, feel free to ask an officer or post an app - we are always open to exceptional players. However, you should not expect to raid on a daily basis until membership changes - you will most likely be on-call until a spot opens up in the raid.

As always, contact an officer (Dae, Gorlyn, Dakina, or Sensistar) if there are any questions regarding apps or openings. Your best shot, if you don't see any online, is to message any DE member and ask for an officer.

Note: Please don't respond to this thread. Leave discussion to individual recruitment posts or to the Main Hall.