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Postby SgtShorty » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:45 am

Character Name: SgtShorty

Class and Race: Dwarf Pally

Other characters on Cenarius: none... yet

Other characters on other servers: too many to name

Guild history and reasons for leaving: Ive been raiding with yall, havent once raided with my current guild. Yall are cooler

Play time availability: Pretty much during raid time and such

Names of DE members you know and/or sponsors, if any: You all know me.. im still getting to know yall

Do you have Ventrilo and, ideally, a microphone? yeah

Do you have a reliable internet connection? pretty much Im a network magician

Raid experience, in vanilla, BC, Wrath, Cata, Mists, Warlords... (include how much of the instance you've seen and which guilds you raided with): been playing since the end of vanilla

Link to your gear (Armory): ... /sgtshorty

Link to a recent WoL report (optional):

Also, please answer the following questions in a few sentences or so:

1. Cenarius has many excellent raiding guilds. Why are you choosing to app to DE, instead of any other guild on the server? What are your goals in DE? Why should we tag you and what qualifies you to be in DE? (Note to server transfers: answer this question particularly thoroughly) Cause yall know what yall are doing and i feel like im a part of you already

2. What do you use as your secondary spec (you do have one, right?), and how do your talent choices in that spec potentially benefit the raid? Which of the roles are you mainly interested in - would you possibly be interested in taking different roles within a raid depending on encounter? Do you have the gear to support this second spec? i havent really worked on a second spec, cause i got worn out healing and tanking (Ie healing vanilla to end of BC, tanking till the end of LK) i probobably could go tank if needed, but ide need to level up those weapons

3. What are two things you could do *outside of raids* to improve your character and really make your Armory profile stand out from someone of the same class and progression? I have 900 + lvl 25 pets, Im achivment whore, and i really need to work on pvp?

4. Raiding requires a certain mentality and attitude towards approaching a fight. Are you able to take criticism and suggestions about your spec, gear, or play, and are you able to learn to change or adjust accordingly? Are you able to critically look at a given attempt and see what went wrong, and what could be improved? Do you show up with a positive attitude, a willingness to cooperate with your peers, and the required consumables and knowledge of the fights ahead? As long as i have been working a ton, im usually around on yalls raid nights. Im friendly, but do have a family. if i aint around ill let yall know.

5. What are our raid times, and what kind of attendance (percentage-wise) can you hold? Did you read and understand the stickies posted in our forums? yall are Tuse,Wed and monday bout 830 (long as no ones late) and ive been there about 90% of the time with yall.

6. Is there anything else about yourself or your character that you'd like to share (i.e. tradeskills, pvp, special circumstances, anything we left out)? Hes a dwarf and a pally.. hes cool and has a bunch of titles? idk.. he brings a knife to a gun fight and wins?
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