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Atti - Demon Hunter

Postby Atticuss » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:35 pm

Like every typical essay question you encountered in junior high English - please address every part of every question! Use proper punctuation and spelling (perhaps type it up in Word and then copy-paste to here).


Character Name:-Atti

Class and Race:- Night Elf Havoc (main spec)Demon Hunter ilvl 940 with viable vengeance tanking spec aswell

Other characters on Cenarius:- none

Other characters on other servers: Fenris: Atticuss human Blood DK, Attidin Holy pally, Toats Resto Shaman

Guild history and reasons for leaving: The first guild I started raiding with was international criminals on fenris, ICC to Dragon Soul reason for leaving. Guild implosion after Dragon soul. Raidiculous from the start of MoP to highmaul reason for, leaving GM disbanded guild. Howling Hurricane was my home guild to start with and is where I would keep toons and casual raid with until I can find a more stable raid group. End Game theory NIghthold and some ToS. reason for leaving, raid was scheduled on weekends and it was hard for me to keep the schedule, and now I'm in Howling hurricane casual raiding in ATBT.

Play time availability: Any time through the week

Names of DE members you know and/or sponsors, if any: Dae and buck from pugging into ToS often

Do you have Ventrilo and, ideally, a microphone? yes and yes!

Do you have a reliable internet connection? yep hard wired 50Mpbs cable connection

Raid experience, in vanilla, BC, Wrath, Cata, Mists, Warlords... (include how much of the instance you've seen and which guilds you raided with): hmm guess I answered this question in guild history a little bit.
I started raiding with top tier guilds in ICC and have full cleared each tier since then on atleast one of my toons on heroic difficulty

Link to your gear (Armory):

Link to a recent WoL report (optional):

Also, please answer the following questions in a few sentences or so:

1. Cenarius has many excellent raiding guilds. Why are you choosing to app to DE, instead of any other guild on the server? What are your goals in DE? Why should we tag you and what qualifies you to be in DE? (Note to server transfers: answer this question particularly thoroughly) : I was picked up by Dae on the raid finder tool for Heroic ToS. I noticed you guys were a very organized raiding group but also very laidback at the same time. I have joined to raid with you guys a few times and we always seem to get through the content pretty quickly. My goals in DE would be to raid with others that like to progress through content and work together with a raid team that is as laid back as I am. in my opinion raiding in a laid back atmosphere is so much better for the fact that working together and taking constructive criticism is key. I have always loved raiding and I have served as a raid leader in past guilds and I have always kept the mentality that yelling at someone or group doesn't get anyone anywhere. I am a dedicated trustworthy individual and I thrive off of teamwork.

2. What do you use as your secondary spec (you do have one, right?), and how do your talent choices in that spec potentially benefit the raid? Which of the roles are you mainly interested in - would you possibly be interested in taking different roles within a raid depending on encounter? Do you have the gear to support this second spec? yep I have a very good understanding of vengeance tanking I was main tank in my raiding group at the start of the the expac. we got a new recruit for a tank spot in our raid so I decided to go dps and have been ever since

3. What are two things you could do *outside of raids* to improve your character and really make your Armory profile stand out from someone of the same class and progression?: I am always up for doing M+ and I useually always stay up to date on getting my world quests done as well

4. Raiding requires a certain mentality and attitude towards approaching a fight. Are you able to take criticism and suggestions about your spec, gear, or play, and are you able to learn to change or adjust accordingly? Are you able to critically look at a given attempt and see what went wrong, and what could be improved? Do you show up with a positive attitude, a willingness to cooperate with your peers, and the required consumables and knowledge of the fights ahead? The key to being successful in a raid group is teamwork and communication, without either of those it would be really hard to get bosses down. Constructive criticism is always welcome in my opinion. if there is something I am doing wrong or could do better I have no problem with talking with someone to help me improve my situation. and same goes for raid mechanics if someone wants to give advice on how to deal with a certain mechanic more efficiently I am all ears!

5. What are our raid times, and what kind of attendance (percentage-wise) can you hold? Did you read and understand the stickies posted in our forums? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 6:30-10:30 PST. there might be a rare occasion where I will not be able to make raid. but I will always plan on being there 100% of the time and if I cant make it I will always be sure to let someone know!

6. Is there anything else about yourself or your character that you'd like to share (i.e. tradeskills, pvp, special circumstances, anything we left out)? I am looking forward to raiding with you guys and working together to progress through this tier and on into the next expac!


After you have posted your application, contact an officer (Dae, Dakina, Gorlyn or Sensistar) in-game, or message any DE member and ask for an officer. Note that we are NOT responsible for contacting you - you should come to us. Your app does not actually start until you do this! The officers are very busy with raid, guild, and real-life duties, so it may take a couple of attempts to get ahold of one of us. This is the time to ask any questions about the guild and/or your application, so make sure you're prepared to chat.

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